OneZeroERP Overview & Feature

OneZeroBD Limited is ready to help organizations take advantage of the changing economic tide with its latest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite. Guided by the need of today’s users, OneZeroERP is a global ERP solution that delivers the choice, flexibility and agility to drive growth and opportunity throughout your business.

A single, end-to-end software solution for business, OneZeroERP is available on premise, hosted, or in the cloud as a software as a service (SaaS) solution –OneZeroERP is built on 100% Microsoft latest technology for greater access and mobile workers with strong security. OneZeroERP software offers a modular approach with robust capabilities focused on reducing costs, streamlining processes, and improving customer responsiveness across the enterprise—all top priorities toward achieving continued growth and profitability.

OneZeroBD Ltd. is dedicated to providing integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software with solutions for Accounts & Finance Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Manufacturing Operations, Sales management, Human Resource Management (HRM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and more. Leveraging innovative technologies like Web services, ASP.Net MVC, AngularJs -OneZeroBD Ltd. develops end-to-end, industry-specific ERP software designed to meet the needs of manufacturing, distribution, retail, services, and hospitality industries. With the scalability and flexibility to support long-term growth, the OneZeroERP system is complemented by a full range of services, providing a single point of accountability to promote a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

Highly flexible and scalable, OneZeroERP can be deployed to fit your unique operational needs, resources, and budget, including on-site installation, hosted, or as a SaaS or Cloud application. You simply determine the deployment model that is right for your organization. If your business operates globally—whether as a multinational enterprise, with a single facility in another country, or simply as a trading partner—you recognize the need for local functionality and compliance in order to operate effectively.

Accounts & Finance

  • Supplier Information
  • Customer Information
  • Chart of Account Setting in a standard way
  • Cost Centre Setting as required
  • Opening Balance of previous year data
  • Planning and Forecasting of a Financial Year
  • Budgeting Yearly, Half Yearly, Monthly and Department or Project wise
  • (Receive/Payment/Journal) Vouchers and others if needed
  • Approval process to ensure security such as (voucher check, approved, cancel, reject etc)
  • Closing of Year, Month and Project
  • Dashboard to showing at a glance over view of accounts transaction.
  • Invoicing of suppliers and customers (auto voucher)
  • All type of billing (auto voucher)
  • Credit notes
  • Auto Taxation regarding government tax and VAT policy
  • Audit trail
  • Revenue management
  • Cash Flow Management and Tracking
  • Acquisition (All type of fixed asset details)
  • Fixed Asset Depreciation
  • Chart of Account without and with Opening Balance
  • All Business/Sector Details List
  • All Cost Centre Details List
  • All Type of Voucher List (Parameter wise)
  • Ledger Accounts (Parameter wise)
  • Trial Balance (Parameter wise)
  • Balance Sheet (Parameter wise)
  • Profit/Loss of individual business or project (Parameter wise)
  • Schedule/Notes(Parameter wise)
  • Cost of goods sold (Parameter wise)
  • Invoice List (Parameter wise)
  • Billing Information
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Depreciation of Fixed Asset (Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime)
  • Asset Register
  • And others customized report
Inventory management
  • Manufacturer information
  • Unit of Measurement of items
  • Planning and Forecasting
  • Item properties and details setting
  • Item opening and closing balance of previous year
  • Warehouse and rack management of raw materials
  • Damage and return management of items
  • Barcode generation of each item which is machine readable
  • Store information and item requisition
  • Issue item regarding requisition to follow procedure
  • Manage quality control and material receive report (MRR)
  • Invoice management
  • Logistics management
  • Stock limit notification and Item valuation
  • Reconciles physical inventory to book inventory
  • Shipment management
  • Stock adjustment
  • Warranty tracking to ensure safety and security of items
  • Supplier Management (Online access to tender notices, clarifications, contract awards, bidding documents, communication, negotiation, contract Award)
  • Dashboard to show summary of relevant transaction status
Procurement & Commercial
  • Purchase requisition management
  • Collection of request for quotation (RFQ) from supplier
  • Manage quotation and generate short list
  • Creating comparative note or statement
  • Purchase order and return to follow procedure
  • Here every stage should ensure security
  • LC management
  • CNF agent management
  • Insurance management
  • Sales contact and proforma invoice management
  • Cover note and amendment
  • Archive of LC document in a good way that which is you find easily and shortly.
  • Inspection management
  • Manage all type of charge
  • Bill management
  • Commercial Invoice management
  • Manufacturer and Supplier list with details
  • Store item stock receive summary, register, statement, statement summary (Parameter wise)
  • List of Items with details
  • Store requisition and issue details (Parameter wise)
  • Purchase Requisition and order details (Parameter wise)
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Quotation (Parameter wise)
  • Quality Control and Material Receiving Report (Parameter wise)
  • Invoice detail list (Parameter wise)
  • Bill detail list (Parameter wise)
  • LC related report (Parameter wise)
  • Other customize reports
Sales Management
  • Sales & Distribution point or party details information
  • Sales store information and permission to ensure security
  • Store opening balance of previous year product
  • Define product price of different stages such as hole sales, retail and specific party
  • Planning of sales half yearly or yearly
  • Set target weekly, monthly, and yearly and management target status periodically
  • Several promotional offer management
  • Product requisition or demand to production store and receive in sales store regarding sales issue
  • Product requisition or demand generation from several location and rectify the demand
  • Sales order management with ensure security
  • Delivery challan management with ensure security
  • Product damage and return management
  • Invoice depend on delivery challan
  • Planning details for sales
  • Target details
  • Follow details
  • Finished goods demand receive list from production store
  • Sales & Distribution point or party list
  • Product price list
  • Sales order statement (Parameter wise)
  • Challan statement (Parameter wise)
  • Sales store stock position of product
  • Daily sales position of product
  • Invoice details
  • Promotional offer
  • Forecasting
  • Other customize report
Production Management
  • Product store information
  • Product details information
  • Item or row materials receive from inventory store to production floor
  • Additional particular information to make product
  • Bill of Material (formula) to make product
  • Product store opening balance of previous year data
  • Daily production target to how much product will produce daily
  • Actual daily production to how much product has produced daily
  • Find out actual production cost of a product
  • Store finished product in production store
  • Product issue to sales store regarding demand
  • Damage/ Wastage management
  • Item receive from inventory store
  • Item or raw materials store stock position of production floor
  • Finished goods store stock position
  • Finished goods production
  • Finished goods issue to sales store
  • And others according to need
Bank Management

  • Bank Branch information setting
  • Bank account and transaction type setting
  • Setting of bank charge and interest policy
  • Cheque book information
  • Loan Product and method setting to manage company loan
  • Overdue status of regarding loan
  • Loan sanction procedure to maintain further loan
  • Bank Reconciliation process
  • Payment/Deposit/Withdraw/Transfer transaction process

  • Cheque book summary and payment register
  • Bank ledger book
  • Daily cheque payments
  • Daily account balance and reconciliation
Customer Relationship

  • Lead source details, status, leads management
  • Industry, account type setup
  • Rating, Ownership setting
  • Task Status, Tasks and Event Subject, Stage
  • Accounts, Events management, Email management
  • Campaign, Contacts, Potentials management
  • Leads, Converted Leads, Accounts, Contacts with detail
Settings & Security

  • Group information if it is a group of industry
  • Company details information
  • Creating user to access the software and manage his or her profile
  • Creating role and assign to user to ensure software security and control
  • Software module information
  • Company mapping with different module and user
  • Set business/sector of the company
  • Project/Segment information
  • Country information
  • Multi-Currency which is always automatic update
  • Bank information
  • Financial year setting
  • Define approval process ,level and mapping process with level and define approval role permission
  • Financial Year Switching

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