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Now world is on your hand. This is not dream, it is real now by the availability of technology.All the institute over the world is going under technology.So with the increasing technology we have to adapt ourselves.Even the government of Bangladesh said to create “Dynamic website” for all School,College & Madrsha.
Based on your requirement OneZeroBD Ltd. is now ready to help you at your neighbour by latest School Management Software (SMS). Guided by the need of today’s users, OneZeroSchool is a global Online Base School Management Solution that delivers the choice, flexibility and agility to drive growth and opportunity throughout your institute study condition.
OneZeroSchool is built on 100% Microsoft latest technology for greater access and mobile workers with strong security. Highly flexible and scalable, OneZeroSchool can be deployed to fit your unique operational needs, resources, and budget, including on-site installation, hosted, or as a SaaS or Cloud application. You simply determine the deployment model that is right for your institution.

  • Current Students detail information management with smoothly searching option that way you can find a Student information easy and smoothly with picture.
  • Current Teachers detail information management with smoothly searching option that way you can find a current and previous Teachers information easy and smoothly with picture.
  • 3rd and 4th Employees information management with picture.
  • Publish Organizational all exam results that a Student can find his/her result from online easily and maintain online documents with security.
  • Print out Release Letter, Testimonial, and Certificate and Training of Trainers (TOT) list by Authorized person.
  • Working Staff and vacancy information.
  • Dynamic Light weight Notice board and News, and send to specific person by email.
  • Making and publish Class & Examination Routine and also Course Curriculum that Teachers and Students easily knows about his/her Class Schedule and Course Curriculum from website.
  • All public University exam, Teacher, Student and Guardian corner.
  • Content download site information.
  • Information about Executive committee/Academic councilor.
  • Counter of total number of visitors.
  • Online Students Registration and Admission Management.
  • Send SMS/Email notification to Students and Guardians.
  • Attendance
    • Attendance management of Teachers, Others Employees and Students.
    • Show report such as (late, early in, early out and class/working hours etc.).
    • We also taken attendance automatically via Machine then no need to manual attendance.
    • We shall notify to individual student guardian of attendance status such absent,late,early out and others.
    Leave Management
    • a.Type of Leave.
    • b.Leave Application submission.
    • c.Leave Application Approval by the authorized person.
    • d.Leave Adjustment (if in case of taken more than/less of approved leave).
    • e.Leave balance report.
  • Salary sheet generate and approval by authorized person.
  • Accounts
    • a.Manage of all Current & Non-Current Asset related accounting of the Organization.
    • b.Manage of all Bank related transaction. If exist any Bank loan it will be managed.
    • c.Manage of all source of funding (such as donor) and others Income and their accounting of the Organization.
    • d.Manage of all type of Direct & Indirect Expense of the Organization.
    • e.Collect money from student regarding various issue such as fees etc via mobile or internet banking or direct which is automatically incorporate in Accounts.
    • a.Item information which is purchase for use in Organization such as (Paper, pen and also more).
    • b.Supplier information with supplier ledger.
    • c.Purchase details of Item with Purchase ledger.
    • d.Return details of Item regarding Purchase.
    • e.Issue Item for use in the Organization to individual Teacher or Others.
    • f.Stock report of Item with Issue History.
  • About Organizational history.
  • Master Plan of the Organization.
  • Light weight dynamic Academic Calendar with closing list.
  • Importance Website links.
  • Photo gallery, Massage of Headmaster and Email option.
  • Successful student and Exe Organizational Head information.
  • Publish final exam results that a Student can find his/her result at any available network place from the website.
  • Website control panel.
    • a.Create user
    • b.Control user permission
    • c.Others
Note: We have included Chat and Post options as a media corner like Facebook & others social media.
  • a.Teacher can communicate with Teachers,Students and Guardian via media corner.
  • b.Student can communicate with Teachers,Students and Guardian via media corner.
  • c.Guardian can communicate with Teachers,Students and Guardian via media corner from any where in the world at any time.
  • d.Teacher,Student and Guardian can share any study related issues with others via post.

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